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C 19 Paederasty

Whether it robs women
at Otaheite paederasty could hardly have footing, but
in proportion the female part of that community must
[be defrauded] in proportion be defrauded of their rights.
If then paederasty were to be justified in statute
it could only be upon this absurd and improbable supposition
that the male sex were gainers by this such a perversion
to a greater amount than the female sex were losers.

But in all European countries and such others
on which we bestow the title of civilized, the case is
widely different. In these countries this propensity
which in the male sex is under some a considerable
degree of restraint, is under a an incomparably greater restraint beyond
comp in the female. While each are alike prohibited
from engaging in this partaking of these enjoyments
but on the terms of marriage by the fluctuating
and inefficacious influence of religion, [a] the
censure of the world [lays the] denies it female part of the species is [are interdicted decreed] under
the severest penalties [by the censure of the world]
[by which while] the male part sex is fr left free. If No sooner is a woman
known to have infringes this prohibition than she is degraded in either
that either [by the vigilance of her friends] secluded she is secluded
from all means of repeating the offence, or upon her escaping from that vigilance, or she degrades throws herself
into that degraded class whom the desertion want of company of their own sex
renders unhappy, and the abundance of it on the part
of the male sex renders unprolific. This being the case the

[a] NOTE

In speaking on this occasion of the precepts of
religion I consider not what they are in themselves
but what they are may happen to be in the opinion and decision of those
whose office it is to interpret them.

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