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C 21 Paederasty.

Whether it robs women
In countries where as in Otaheite no restraint
is laid on the gratification of the amorous appetite,
whatever part of the vigour activity of that appetite in the male sex were
occupied by the male exercised upon the same sex, would be so much clear less
in point of enjoyment to the female. But in countries
where it is kept under restraint as [here in
Europe] in England Europe for example, this is not by any
means the case. Upon the supposition So long as things
are upon that footing there are many cases in which
the women are can be no sufferers by the want of sollicitation
on the part of the men. If the institution of the marriage
contract be a beneficial one, and if it be proper
expedient that the observance of it should be maintained
inviolate, we must in the first place deduct all num from the number of the women who would be sufferers by the prevalence of this taste. all married women whose are married and husbands
were not infected with this taste would be it. In the next
place upon the supposition that a state of prostitution
is not more conducive a happier state to happiness than a state of
celi virginity we must deduct from all those women
who by reason of the means of this prevalence would
have escaped being debauched. The women who would be
sufferers by it ab initio, <add>[a]</add> are those only who were it not for the
prevalence of it would have got husbands. The women who

[a] NOTE

This is not strictly true, I say ab initio; for when a woman has been
once reduced to take up the trade of prostitution, she
also would also be a sufferer <add>by</add> if the if the number of those
who are sufferers by the prevalence of this taste, in case
the effect of it were to deprive her of any quantity of the commerce

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