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22 C Paederasty

Whether it robs women?
who The question then is reduced to this. What are the
number of women who by the prevalence of this taste
would it is probable be prevented from getting husbands: these and
these only are they who would be sufferers by it.
Upon the following conditions it should seem does not
seem likely that the prejudice sustained by the sex in
this way should could ever be rise to any considerable
amount. Were the prevalence of this taste to
rise to ever so great a length, th the most a very considerable
part of the motives to marriage would remain entire.
In the first place the desire of having children:
in the next place the desire of forming alliances
between families: in t 3dly. the convenience of having a
domestic companion whose company will continue to be agreeable

NOTE continued

commerce beyond that which she would rather be without.
It is not in this business as in most other businesses,
where the quan number of those who furnish the commodities quantity of the object in demand
is in proportion to the demand. The occupations with <add>respect to</add> which that rule Where a woman's
character for chastity is once gone holds good, are those only which are engaged in with through
woman sets up this business upon reflection. As it is reflection and upon choice. But in this profession scarce any
not reflection but necessity that induces many women to woman engages for the purpose: scarce any woman The <add>another</add>
set up this business, the quantity of the objects to be circumstance that reduces a woman to engage in it is not
disposed of will not be governed by the demand. any such circumstance as the consideration of the probability
of getting any custom. She has no intention of engaging in it when the she event happens takes the step that eventually proves a means of her engaging in it. The immediate cause of her engaging it is the acc accident of a discovery which deprives her of every other source of livelyhood. Upon
the supposition then that a given number have been debauched
then would be the same number ready to comply with
sollicitation when ever so little was offer'd as when ever
so much was offer'd. It is a conceivable case therefore that
upon the increased prevalence of this taste there might be the same numbers of women debauched
as at present, and yet all the prostitutes in the place might be starving
for want of custom.

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