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C 23 Paederasty.

Whether it robs women? agreable throughout life. 4. the convenience of gratifying
the venereal appetite in a regular man appetite in question at any time when the want occurs,
and without the expence and trouble of concealing
it or the danger of a discovery.

Were a man's taste even so far corrupted as to
make him prefer the embraces of a person of his own
sex to those of a woman female a connection of that preposterous
kind would therefore be far enough from answering to them
him the purposes of a marriage. A connection with
a woman may by accident be attended followed with disgust:
but a connection with a pers of the other kind, a
man must know must will for certain cause in time to be attended follow'd
with by disgust. All the intelligence documents we have from the
antients relative to this matter, (and we have a great
deal abundance) agree in this that it is only for a very few years
that of his life that a male continues an object of desire
even to those of on whom the infection of this
taste is at the strongest. The very name of this by
which it went by among the Greeks is may stand in stead
of all other proofs of which abundance the works of
Lucian and Martial alone [are well sufficient to] furnish
any abundance that can be required. Among the Greeks it was called
Paederastia, the love of boys, not Andrerastia, the
love of men. Among the Romans the act was act was called
Paedicure, because the object of it was a boy. There was a
particular name for those who had past the short period beyond
which <add> a male ceased to be an object of desire to his own sex. They were called exotets.</add>
No male A man therefore who was passed this short period
of life could expect to find in this way any reciproculity of affection:
he must be as odious to the boy from the beginning,
as in a short time the boy would be to him. The
objects of this kind of sensuality would therefore come
only in the place of common prostitutes; they could
never even to a person of this depraved taste answer the purposes

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