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C Paederasty What says History?

purposes of a virtuous woman.

Upon this footing stands the question when consider'd
a priori: the evidence of facts seems to be
still more conclusive on the same side: I have already
taken notice There seems no reason to doubt, as
I have already observed but that population went
on quite altogether as fast and marri that the men were
altogether as well inclined to marriage among the
Grecians in whom this vitious propensity was most
prevalent, as among in any modern people in whom
it is least prevalent. About the time In Rome indeed of the extinction
of liberty we find great complaints of the decline
of population: but the state of it does not appear
to have been at all dependent upon or to have been at all influenced by the measures
that were taken from time to time to restrain the love
of boys: what it was with the Romans as with us,
what kept a man from marriage was not the preferring
boys to women, but the preferring the convenience
of a transient connection, to the expence
and hazard of a lasting one. Ice Pilate Traite des Loix Crocks Ch. du Marriage How is it at Otaheite? After this to Ins. p.1 no 2.

To judge how far the regular intercourse between
the sexes is probably affected by this contraband
intercourse in countries where as in Europe
the gratification of the venereal appetite is kept
upon a footing of restraint, it may help us a good
deal if we observe in what degree it the former is affected
by the latter in countries where the gratification
of that appetite is under no restraint. If in those
countries paederasty prevailed to such a so considerable a degree as
to occasion a visible diminution of the regard that
was shewn to women, this phenominon, unless it could

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