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C Paederasty

could be accounted for from other causes, that the less would afford
regard was paid to women on account of that inclination a strong argument to prove that
in countries where prevalence of it might
have the effect of diminishing the regard that would might
otherwise be paid to them in other countries; and
that the prevalence of it in these countries was
owing not to the comparative difficulty of getting
women, but to other causes a comparative indifference,
such as might turn to the prejudice of
the women in any state of manners things: and in short that
what was bestow'd upon boys transferred to boys was so much less clear less
to [virtuous] women. But the fact is that in Otaheite
it does not appear that this propensity
is at all prevalent.

Different men will have different opinions: The nature of the question admits of great latitude of opinion
[but] for my own part, I must confess I can not bring
myself to entertain so high an opinion a notion of the alluringness
of this preposterous propensity as some
men appear to entertain. I can not suppose it to
prevail to such a degree as to be of any serious possible it should ever get to such a heigth as that the interests
prejudice to the rights disservice to the charms of women] of the female part
of the species should be materially affected by it: [or]
that it could ever happen that where were they to contend
upon equal ground the eccentric and unnatural propensity
should ever get the better of the regular and natural one.
If it were more frequent than the regular connection in what sense could it be termed unnatural? Could we for a moment suppose this to be the case
I would wish it to be consider'd what meaning
and a man would have to annex to the expression, when he forms applies

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