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26 C Paederasty

applies to bestows on the propensity under consideration the epithet
of unnatural. If contrary to all appearance the case
really were that if all men were left perfectly free
to choose, as many men would make choice of their
own sex as of the female opposite one, I see not what reason
there would be for applying the word natural to
the one rather than to the other. All the difference
would be that the one was both natural
and necessary, whereas the other was natural but
not necessary. If the mere circumstance of it's
not being necessary were sufficient to [exclude it from
all title to be called natural] warrant the terming
it unnatural, it might as well be said that the taste a man has for music is unnatural.

My wonder is how any man who is at all
acquainted with the most amiable part of the species
should ever entertain any serious apprehensions
of their yielding the ascendent to such unworthy rivals.

Whether Among the ancients it excluded not the regular taste?
A circumstance that contributes considerably
to the alarms entertained by some people on this
score is a notion the common notion <add>prejudice which supposes</add> that the one propensity is exclusive
of the other. This notion is for the most part
founded on prejudice, as may be seen in the works
of the historians of antiquity a multitude of antient authors in which the we continually
see the same person at one time stepping
aside in pursuit of this exotic eccentric kind of pleasure, but
at other times directing his inclination to the proper
object. Horace in speaking of the means of satisfying the venereal appetite proposes to himself [indifferently] as a matter

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