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27 Paederasty

Among the antients it excluded not the regular taste
matter of indifference a prostitute of either sex or a boy: &
the same poet who [forgetting himself now & then]
says a little here and there about boys, says a
great deal every where about women. The same
observation will hold good with respect to every other
personage of antiquity however whether by who either
by his own writing account, or those that of another is represented
to us as being infected with this taste. It is so in
all the poets who in any of their works have occasion
to say any thing about themselves. Some few appear
to have had no appetite for boys, as is the case
for instance with Ovid, who [takes express notice for of it
and] gives his a reason for it. But it is an a
neverfailing rule where wherever you see any thing
[in their works] about boys, you see a great deal more
about women. Virgil has one Alexis: but he has Galateas,

in abundance. Let us do no man wrong be unjust to no man: not even to a paederast. In all antiquity, there is not a single instance instance of an author nor scarce an explicit account of any other man who was addicted exclusively to this taste. Nor does it among the moderns The Even in modern times, the real women-haters are to be found
not so much among paederasts, but as among monks and
catholic priests, such of them, be they more or fewer,
who think and act in consistency with their profession.

Reason why it might be expected so to do I say even in modern times: for there is one
circumstance which should render make this taste where it
does prevail, much more likely to be exclusive [of the other] than
at present than it was formerly. I mean the severity
with which it is now treated by the laws, and the
contempt and abhorrence with which it is regarded by

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