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C Paederasty

Reason why it might be expected so to do
by the generality of the people. The persecution you may so call it they
meet with on from all sides quarters, whether deservedly or not, has
this the effect in this instance which persecution
has and must have more or less in all instances,
of the effect of rendering the persons those who are the objects
of it more attached than they would otherwise be to the practice it proscribes, &
It renders them the more attached to one another; sympathy
of itself having a powerful tendency, independent
of all other motives to attach a man to his companions
in misfortune. This sympathy has at the
same time a powerful tendency to beget a proportionable
antipathy even towards even the all such persons who
as appear to be the involuntary, much less more
to such as appear to be the voluntary causes authors
of such misfortune. When a man is made to suffer,
it is enough on all other occasions to beget
in him against a prejudice against those by whose means
or even for whose sake he is made to suffer. When
the hand of every mans is against a person, his hand or his heart
at least will naturally be against every man. It
would therefore be rather singular if in und under
the present system of manners those interests of
society should be altogether so well disposed towards
women as in antient times where they were left unmolested.
I suppose The Helotes had no great affection regard
we may suppose for the Laudaminians: Negros
we may suppose have not now any great violent affection
for Negro-drivers: the Prussian boors for
the Boyards that are their masters; native American Peruvians for

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