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C Paederasty

Reason why it might be expected
for Spaniards: Hallashores for Bramins,
& Chekkras : thieves for Judges Justices and Hangmen
nor insolvent debtors for bum-bailiffs. It is would not
be wonderful if a miserable paederast of modern times should look
upon a every woman as a merciless creditor at whose
suit instead of bei imprisonment a prison he is ready to in continual
be punished with a halter consigned danger of being consigned not to a prison only but either to the
gallows or to the flames. The reason which there
may be in point of utility or on any other account
for treating these people with such severity, makes no
difference in the sentiments which such severity
is calculated to inspire: for whatever reason there
may be, they, one may be certain do not see it.
With all the Spite of such powerful incentives it does not appear that the
effect of this propensity is in general even in under
modern times the present system to produce inspire in those who are infected
with it an aversion or even an indifference to the
other sex: a [strong] proof how strong powerful the force of
nature is, [that can get the better of such obstacles] and how little reason [[women] the genuine lack would have to be jealous
of the influence of this rival loathsome [taste] were there no measures expedients
employ'd taken to [provoke them] exasperate it by opposition.]
the sex whose dominion is supported by the
influence of pleasure have for to being apprehensive of
any permanent all alienation in the affections of their
fugitive vassals, were to no harsh measures taken to
drive them into rebellion.

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