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C 31 Paederasty

The popular notion that [Paederasty the <add>impure love of boys, and the</add> and the aversion to women
go hand in hand] all Paederasts are in proportion
woman-haters is the foundation ground of a medium of
[proof] exculpation which we see see commonly ad adopted
in the few instances that occur in England
of a man's being prosecuted for this offence. The notion that it does has sometimes operated by accident in favour of paederasts persons when under prosecution. It is
common in such any such a case for those who are concerned
on behalf of the defendant to produce as many
proofs presumptions as they can collect of his propensity to women.
Such evidence may have some weight with those
who are under the influence of this prejudice: although
the many instances in which it has been
opposed by the clearest positive evidence of the fact are sufficient
of themselves to show the weakness of it.
It may be of use to mention this to the end that, if
it should be thought expedient to punish this offence,
those who are to judge it may be put on their
guard against a proof medium of exculpation which appears to be fallacious.

This circumstance however, which in one point situation
of things of view set of circumstances it tends to the exculpation of the practise
in question, in another situation of things, and
in another point of view tends operates to the crimination
of it. As it excludes not the regular taste, it is liable to disturb marriage I have already given the considerations which
seem to render it probable that this propensity does
not in any considerable degree stand in the way of marriage:
on that occasion we took it for granted for
the time that if it did not hinder a man from engaging
in matrimony a matrimonial connection it was of no prejudice to the other

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