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32 C Paederasty

Admission - that it is liable to disturb marriage.
other sex at all. When a man was once arrived at safe married
the lodged within the pale of matrimony we took it for
granted no notice of any danger there might be of his
deviating afterwards into such extravagancies. This
however is an event which from the two propensities
not appearing to be exclusive of one another
we have reason a priori to conclude suppose not to be
unco in itself absolutely improbable, and which from occasional observation, but particularly from ancient history we find
not to be uncommon. The wretches who are prosecuted
for this offence often turn out to be married
men. The poet Martial had we find has a wife with whom he is every
now and then jarring from the she is on the score of the complaints she
for the man in makes of his wife
his being unfaithful to her in this way. It is to
be consider'd however that it is to the amount of
the whole sum of the infidelities the husband is
guilty of in this way that a husband wife is a
sufferer by this propensity, but only to the surplus
whatever it may be over and above what were it not
for this propensity a man might the same man would be guilty of in
the natural way. A woman will not to be a sufferer
by this propensity any farther than as it betrays
her husband into an act of infidelity to which he could would
not have been betrayed by the allurements of any female
rival. Supposing the degree of infidelity
in both cases to be equal, there seems reason to think
that a woman would not be so much affected hurt
by an infidelity of this sort, as by an infidelity into which

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