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C Paederasty

Admission that it is liable to disturb marriage
which her husband had been betray'd by a person of
her own sex. The former An attachment of the former kind she might be sure
could not be lasting, at least in the instance of that is confined for any length of time to any one object the same individual, of the other she might not be
satisfied but that it might be lasting. It is for
the same reason that a woman's affection would not
be so much wounded howsoever her pride might, by
her husbands intriguing with a servant maid wench
or other woman of a condition very much her
inferior as by his intriguing with a woman of a
[her own] condition near about the level of her own: it is indeed
a general observation that in all cases of rivalry
the rival is jealousy is the greater, the nearer
in all respects the condition of the rival is to your own. It is on
the same principle that in matters of Religion
Jansenists and Molinists are often apt to be more
averse to one another than either are to a Protestants,
Methodists and regular Church of England
men than either are to Presbyterians, Protestants
and Catholics than either are to Jews, and in general
Schismatics in any church than either are to Heretics
or perhaps to Infidels persons of a different religion.

This at least would be seems likely to have been the case in countries
where times in which this propensity was not held in
held in the abhorrence in which it is held at present,
and where consequently the wife would have as
at present to add to the her other motives of concern
the infamy [with which by such behaviour a man brings
on himself and his connections] with which in under the present situat system

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