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34 C Paederasty

system it is one effect of such behaviour to cast upon
any man who is guilty of it.

Causes of this taste.
I have already intimated how little reason there
seems to be to apprehend that the preference of the
[unnatural to the natural] taste] improper to the proper object should ever be constant
or universal general. A great wonder very extraordinary circumstance it undoubtedly
is that it should ever have arrived to the
heigth at which we find it to have arrived. The
circumstance is already an extraordinary one as it is: it would be
much more so if it were common under equal
importunities for the improper object to
meet with a decided preference. But such an incident
there is every reason for as I have already
observing for not looking upon as likely to be ever
otherwise than rare. It's prevalence whereas it prevails
to a considerable degree may seems always to
be referable owing to some circumstance relative to the education
of youth. It is the constraint in which the venereal
appetite is kept under the system of manners established
in all civilized nations that forces it to deviate
every now and then into these improper channels. seems to be the principal cause of its deviating
When the desire is importunate and no proper
object is at hand it will sometimes unavoidably
seek relief in an improper way. In on the antient as well as the modern plans of education,
young persons of the male sex are kept as much at a distance
as possible from the female: They are in a way to
use all sorts of familiarities with each other: they are kept

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