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C 35 Paederasty

Causes of it
Debauchers will deviate into this as into any other excesses
that may come in their way: seem open to them: men of sober
tempers and moderate passions will no more deviate into
these more excentric excesses than into the less excentric ones.

kept as much as possible from to using any sorts of
familiarities with females. Among the ancients they
used to be brought together in situations circumstances favourable to the
giving birth to such desires by the custom of their gymnastic exercises See Esp. des Loix L.8. ch. 11 Plut. Morals
exercising themselves naked: on the present plan they are often
forced together in situations under circumstances still more favourable to
it by the custom of lying naked together on featherbeds: implements of indulgence and incentives to venery the venereal
appetite with to which the antients were unacquainted. When a
propensity of this sort is once formed acquired, it is easier
to conceive that how it should continue than how it should
be at first acquired. [It is natural to refer the sensation The sensation may come to be regarded
as to the object by means of which it has been first once experienced.]
[It is no such great wonder if the sensation
be regarded as if it were naturally connected with
the object whatever it be, by means of which it
came to be first experienced.] That this propensity practise
is the result not of indifference to the proper object, the
offspring not of wantonness but of restraint necessity: the effect consequence of

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