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38 C Paederasty

Whether if it robbed women it ought at all events to be punished?
The result of the whole is that there appears not any
great reason to conclude that by the utmost increase
of which this propensity practice <add>vice is susceptible, the
female part of the species could be sufferers
to any material account. If however
there was any danger of their being sufferers
to any amount at all there of itself would need no more
to evince the propensity of applying punishment
in order to keep put a upon this practise under restraint, if
the inconvenience mischief resulting from the punishment
promised to be in any degree inferior to that
of the offence.

to any amount at all, this would of itself be ample
reason for wishing to restrain the practise. It would
not however follow absolutely that it were right to
employ make use punishment for the restraining that purpose: much less that
it were right to employ any of those very severe
punishments which are commonly in use. It will
not be right to employ any punishment 1. if the
evil mischief resulting from the punishment be
equal to or superior to the mischief of the offence.
nor 2. if there be any means of compassing the
same and without the expence of punishment.
Punishment says Mr. Beccaria is never just
so long as any means are left remain untried by which the
end of punishment may be accomplished at a
cheaper rate.

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