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circumstances from which this antipathy may have
taken its rise may be worth inquiring to.

1. Physical antipathy 1. One is The first is, the physical antipathy to the offence. This
circumstance indeed, were we to think and act consistency
would of itself be nothing to the purpose. The act is odious to the highest degree
and disgusting, that is not to the man who does it,
for he does it only because it gives him pleasure;
but to one who think of it. Be it so, but what is
that to him? He has the same reasons (as far as the
circumstance applies) for doing it, that I have for avoiding
it. A man A man loves carrion -- this it is very
extraordinary -- much good may it do him. But
what is this to me so long as I can indulge myself
with fresh meat? But much reasoning how was
just few persons have calmness to attend to.
The propensity is much stronger than it were is to be
wished it were to confound physical impunity with
pass without examination from the literal sense of the word impunity with the figurative metaphorical, I moral. From a man's professing a thorough aversion
to the practice himself, the transition is but too natu-
ral to his wishing to see [all] others punished who
give into it. Any pretence however slight which
promises to warrant him in giving way to this interest propensity
is [sure to be] eagerly embraced.
Look the world over we shall find that
Differences in point of task and opinion were as frequent
are grounds of animosity as frequent and as violent
and as strong violent grounds of animosity as any oppositi-
on in front of interest. To disagree with our lack of
to oppose our opinion is to wound our sympathetic feeling, affections, and to affront our pride. King James the 1st of
England, a man remarkable for weakness than for cruelty
conceived a violent antipathy against certain persons who were

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