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were called Anabaptists, on account of their differing from
him in regard to certain speculative points of Religion.
As the circumstances of the times were favourable to
gratification of antipathy arising from such causes,
he found means to give himself the satisfaction of seeing
committing one of them to the flames. The same
king happened to have an antipathy to the use of tobacco:
he wrote a furious book a but as
the circumstances of the times did not afford the same pretences
nor the same facility for burning tobacco smokers
as for burning Anabaptists, he was forced to content
himself with writing a flaming furious book against it.
The same king if he be the author of that front article of the
works which bear his name and which indeed were fronted
owned by him, numbers reckons this practice among the
few offences which no Sovereign ever ought to pardon.
This must needs seem rather extraordinary to those
who have a notion that a pardon in this case is what
he himself had he been a subject might have stood
in need of.

This transition from the idea of physical to that Philosophical pride of moral antipathy is the more ready when the idea
of pleasure especially of pleasure is connected with that of the act by which
the antipathy is excited. Philosophical pride Superstition has hitherto to say nothing at present of superstition
been employed itself with success effect in setting people a quarrel-
ing with every whatever is pleasurable even to themselves
and envy will always be disposing them to quarrel with
what appears to be pleasurable to others. In According to
the notions of a certain class of moralists we ought, not
for any reason they are disposed to give that can be given for it, but merely
because we ought, to set ourselves against everything
that recommends itself as in under the form of pleasure.
Objects that are capable it is true, the nature of which it is
to afford us the highest pleasures we are capable susceptible of are apt in

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