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in certain circumstances to occasion us explain still greater
harms. But that is not the grievance: for if it were
the censure which is bestowed on the case of those objectsany such object
would be proportional to the probability that it could be
shown in each case of its their producing such greater harms.
But that is not the case: it is not the pain that angers
them but the pleasure.

Religion.We need not wonder at any length to which the
rigour of such philosophy may be carried, when fortified
reinforced by notions of Religion. Such as we are ourselves,
such and in many respects it is common for
us to make God to be: for fear blackens every object that
it looks upon It is almost as common for men to conceive
of God as of or being of more than human malevolence
in their hearts, as to call him a being of
infinite benevolence with their lips. This act is one of amongst others deleted textwhich some men and luckily
not we ourselves have a strong propensity to commit.
To some persons it produces, at for there is no disputing
it, a pleasure: there need, no more to prove that it is
God's pleasure they should abstain from it. For it is
God's pleasure that in the present life we should give up all manner of pleasure,
that is all manner of happiness, whether it stands the way of another's happiness wheresoever we
think we find it: which is the sure sign and earnest
of the pleasure he will take in bestowing on us all
imaginable happiness hereafter; that is in a life of the
paternity> existence of which [we have no prospect but through
such media on this] he has given us no other proofs than this these.

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