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C 47 Paederasty

and probably venereal: in which way no new discoveries
would be endured. It has been well observed that It is an observation of Helvetius, & I believe of Mr Voltaires that If a person were born with a particular
source of enjoyment in addition to the 5 or 6th senses
7th sense in addition to those we have at present,
he would be persecuted hunted out of the world as a monster not fit to live.
Accordingly nothing is more frequent than for those who could bear with tolerable composure
the recital of the acts of tyranny cruelties by which this reign all Rome
of that odious and contemptible tyrant was filled with terror and desolation stand distinguished,
are frequently out of to lose all patience with when the
come to the account of those miserable devices
for of lasciviousness which had no other effect than
that of giving surfeit and disgust to the contemptible

How far the antipathy is a just ground
Meantime this antipathy, for whatever reason it may arise
from [from whatever causes it may [originate] take it's rise,] produces
a partial in any-one the
any persons how many soever they be in where
it manifests itself, a pain of particular kind of
pain as often as the object by which the antipathy
is exacted presents itself to their thoughts. This
pain wherever it appears is unquestionably to be
placed to the account of the mischief of the
offence: and this is one reason for the punishing of it. Upon the More than this producing view of a any pain which
the obnoxious persons are made to suffer, a pleasure
results to those by whom the antipathy
is entertained: and this pleasure affords an additional
reason for the punishing of it. There is remains still
however this reason two reasons against punishing it. The antipathy
in question [and the appetite of malevolence that

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