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C 49 Paederasty

punishing the offence in question burning Paederasts,
could with consistency condemn an orthodox the Spaniards
for burning Moors or the Portuguese for burning
Jews: for no Paederast can be more odious to a
person of unpolluted taste than a Moor is to an a
Spaniard or a Jew to an orthodox Portuguese.

The antipathy is itself a punishment. Besides this the antipathy in question so long
as it subsists draws with it in course, and without
having recourse to the political magistrate a
very galling heavy punishment: and this punishment is the
heavier the greater the number of persons is by
whom the antipathy is entertained and the more
intense it is in each person: it increases therefore
in proportion to the demand there which on this ground
there is for punishment on this ground. It seems
hard therefore to say Although the punishing it by
the hands of the magistrate were not productive of
the ill consequences just stated, it would seem
hard that to punish it in the way upon the ground
of that circumstance which necessarily occasions it
to be punished another way: its' being already
punished beyond what is more than enough is but an indifferent
reason to give for punishing it more.

Punishment however not an incentive Some writers have mentioned as an objection
to the punishing of practises of the obscure kind,
that the punishment is a means of putting bringing
the practise to men's view putting men persons in mind
to make experiment of the practise, the investigation of

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