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C Paederasty

of the offence and the execution publicity of the punishment being
the means of conveying the practise to the notice
of a multitude of persons who otherwise would never have
thought of any such thing. From the circumstance
of it's having being punished, the learn of it's being
practised: from the circumstance of it's being practised
they learn conclude that there is a pleasure in it; from the
circumstance of it's being punished so severely, they
conclude that the pleasure is a strong great one; since
it overcomes the dread of so great a punishment -
That this must often happen is not to be denied; &
in so far as it does happen and occasions the offence
to be repeated it is an objection to weighs against the benefit of the punishment.
This is indeed the most popular argument of any that can be urged against the punishment of such practises: but it does not appear to be well grounded. It proves nothing But unless It forms however no conclusive objection
against it [unless the tendency of the publication of the punishment offence it to spread the
practise be stronger than that of the punishment
to suppress it.] unless the punishment tends more as strongly
in the one way to spread the practise as it does
in the other to repress it. This however does not appear
to be the case. One should not suppose it a
priori: for at the same time that it brings to view
the idea of the offence it brings it to view in connection with
that idea the idea not only of punishment but of
infamy; not only of the punishment which should
prevent men's committing it in the face of the public;
but of the infamy which should prevent their
discovering any inclination to commit it to their the nearest
and trustiest most trusty of their friends. It does not appear
to be the case in point of experience. In former times

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