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C Paederasty

After so much as has been said on the abomination
of Paederasty little will need be said [in particular]
of any other of the other irregularities of the venereal
appetite. If it be problematical whether it be expedient
upon the whole to punish paederasts the former, it
seems next to certain that there can be no use in
punishing any of the latter.

Whether worse Between women
Where women contrive to procure themselves the
sensation by means of women, the ordinary course
of nature is as much departed from as when the
like abomination is practised by men with men. The
former offense however is not so generally punished
as the latter. It appears to have been punished
in France: Code penal Tit. 85 p. 238. but the Law knows nothing of it in England.

Whether worse between men and women, than between men?
It is seems to be more common for men to
apply themselves to a wrong part in women, and
in this case grave authors have found more enormity
than when the sex as well as the part of the
object is mistaken. Those who go often upon the principle
of the affront which they say an affair
of any such sort is to God Almighty, assure us
that the former contrivance is a more insolent affront
than the latter. See Fert. Rep. qua ex supra The affront should be the
same if from necessity or caprice a woman a person of the female sex should
take up make use a wrong part in [men] one of the male.
If there be one idea more ridiculous than another it
is that of a Legislator [interfering in an affair occasion

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