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C Paederasty etc.

occasion of this sort between a man and a woman, regulating
times and prescribing modes and postures.
It is an improvement of the part of Don Pedro
Rozio in Don Quixote.] who when a man and
a woman are got together for a purpose agreed about a business of this sort
thrusts himself in between them, examining situations
regulating times, and prescribing odes and
postures. Don Pedro Rozio The grave physician who as soon as he
saw Governor Sancho take a fancy to a dish, order'd
it away is the model though but an imperfect
one of such a Legislator.

Thus far the affair his business goes on smoothly: he
may hang or burn the parties according as he
fancies without difficulty. But he will probably
be a little puzzled at a loss when he comes to enquire
with Sanchez the Jesuite De Matrimonio how the case stands where the man
for example having to do with a woman begins
in one part and consummates in another: thinks
of one person or of one part while he is employing
himself with another: begins with a woman and
leaves her in the lurch. Without calling in the
principle of utility such questions never can be decided: may be multiplied
and [spun out] remain undecided for evermore: consult the principle of utility, and such questions
never will be [so much as] started.

An abomination which meets with as little quarter
as any of the preceding is that where a human creature
forces the makes use in this way of a beast or
other sensitive creature of a different species. A
Legislator who should take Sanchez for his guide, might here

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