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3 C Paederasty &c

introduce repeat another the same string of questions distinctions about the
proportion & improprium, the imaginationes and
the simultaneity & so forth. Accidents of this sort
will sometimes happen: for distress will force a man
upon strange expedients. But one might one venture
to affirm that if all the Kings sovereigns in Europe
were to join in issuing a proclamations inviting their
subjects to this exercise in the warmest terms, it
would never get to such a heighth as to be productive
of the smallest degree of political mischief.

The more of these sort of prosecutions are permitted,
the more scope there is given for malice or
extortion to effe make use of them to the prejudice to effect it's purpose
of the innocent: and the more public they are the
more of that mischief is incurred which consists in
the shocking the imaginations of persons of delicacy
with a very painful sentiment.

Burning the animal Some persons have been for burning the poor animal
with great ceremony + + See Puffeadorf &. 2 Ch. 3 . SS. 3. Bacon's Abridg. Title Sodomy, under the notion of burying
the remembrance of the transaction affair: a more simple
and as it should seem a more effectual expedient course to take
would be not to meddle or make about the matter.

Masturbation. Of all irregularities of the venereal appetite
that which is the most incontestably pernicious, is
one which no Legislator seems ever to have made an
attempt to punish: I mean the sort of impurity which
a person of either sex may be guilty of by themselves.
This is often of the most serious consequence to the
health and lasting happiness of those who are led to practise

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