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C Paederasty

it. It's enervating influence is [beyond comparison]
much greater than that of any other species exertion of impropriety:
the venereal faculty, and that on three different accounts
1. Any single out of this kind is beyond comparison
more enervating than any single out of any
of those other kinds. The reason of this is not clear:
but the fact is certain: Physicians are all agreed about

2. Persons in a way to give into this practise at
an earlier age than that in which they are in a way to give in
to any of those other practises; that is at an age
when the influence of any enervating cause is greater.
As the violence to modesty is rather less in this case than in
any of these others, a person will with less difficulty yield to the impropriety whether of nature or example

3. There can scarce ever be any want of opportunity
in this case as In all those other
cases the propensity may be kept within bounds
by the want of opportunities: in this case there can
scarce ever be any want of opportunities.

Physicians are also agreed that this is not an infrequent
cause of indifference in each of the sexes
to the other: and in the male sex it often ends in

In popular estimation
It is not only more mischievous to each person
than any of those other impurities, but it appears
every where to be much more frequent.

In popular estimation however the guilt of
it is looked upon as much less than that of any of
them: and yet the real mischief we see is incomparably
greater: and yet it has never been punished
by any Law. Would it then be right to appoint a

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