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C Incest.

Incest is where a man and a woman who
are too nearly related to be allowed to intermarry by reason of their relationship are prohibited from intermarrying
have voluntarily carnal knowledge of each other. See the
Table of the degrees of Relationship.

There does not seem to be any occasion for
punishing impurities of this kind. In general people
have little inclination to be guilty of them; and if by
chance a person should feel an inclination of this
sort the censure of the world will in general be
strong enough to [suppress it] stifle it in it's birth.

In some countries as in France, Incest between
Lineal blood relations is punished with death.
In England it is punished only with such punishment
as the Ecclesiastical Courts is are in use to inflict:
that is with being exhibited with circumstances
of ignominy in a Church, or with such a fine
as a person can be got to pay to save himself
from the former punishment. Though the punishment
is much less severe, the crime is probably as
rare in England as in France.

If a man committ Incest with his daughter
or any other female relation in the descending line
or with the daughter or other female relation of in
the descending line of his Brother or Sister, and
his shall be banished for life punishment shall be
as follows
1. He shall be banished for life. For the manner
in which banishment is to be enforced see Ch.
of Punishments.

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