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C Incest

2. If the female so debauched be under age and unmarried,
a compensation shall be made to her
out of his effects.
3. His effects property <add>and his wife if he and he is permitted to marry again & all his rights of every kind shall be disposed of as if he were

If a married woman committ incest with her Son or other
male relation in the descending line, or with the son of or other male relation in the descending line of her brother or sister her husband may
put her away; and if she have any separate fortune
of her own she shall forfeit it to her husband. a
Judge making her only a small all

If a brother com brother and sister committ
incest together both being under age the age of [15] 20 they shall
be privately whipped at the discretion of the Judge.
If the brother be of t of that age or more he shall
be banished for life. suffer as a father is to suffer
for incest with his daughter.

Acts falsely deemed incestuous
In some countries they punish under as if they
name were guilty of incest those who havea carnal com under the name
of incest the having carnal knowledge of
one's Godfather Godmother or Godchild. It were
as well to punish in the same manner all intercourse between the sexes
on pretence that we are all brothers and sisters in

If a man who is of age committ incest with
a female under age who is related to him by marriage
[according to the ensuing Table] his punishment shall be as follows.
1. He may be compelled to make her compensation
for the injury done to her honour.
2. He shall suffer imprisonment for [a year] not less
than half a year nor more than two three years.

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