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C Incest.

If a Father seduce his daughter man being of
full age seduce his daughter niece or sister to
engage in an incestuous commerce with him, he shall
be banished the [land which] country whe he has
contaminated by his crime. or

Let all incestuous persons be [looked upon as
infamous] regarded with abhorrence.

In the case of incest in general there is not
much more to be said in favour of one punishment
more than another. As the [offence of incest temptation to do an act of
this sort can scarcely come in competition with any
other kinds of offences, any excess or deficiency in the
punishment is of the less consequence.

The cause of the moral abhorrence which people
in general are apt to entertain against offences of
this sort is the repugnancy physical horror which
they feel at the thought of committing it themselves.
The reason why the legislator should punish it is
derived from the mischievousness of its consequences mischief it tends to introduce.

1. In the first place The intimacy that naturally
subsist between persons so nearly related to each such near relations
gives them good continual opportunities: if the caresses which
their affection naturally prompts them to bestow on
one another would give them great temptations
to engage in amourous a course of premature venery
were it not for that which repugnancy which
it is the business of the Law in conjunction with
the censure of the world to promote & fortify. With
regard to persons of the female sex, their chastity being
polluted and their notions of delicacy obliterated at an early
age no man would care to engage with them in marriage

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