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2 C Cruelty to Animals

animal to worry it; as by setting cocks to fight cocks,
dogs to bait bulls or badgers.
[(d) Worrying] An animal may be worried by terrifying noises
and gestures as well as by actual beating: as where an ox
or a horse has broke loose and is pursued.


Cruelties to animals restrained Laws The restraining men from excercising cruelty
on inferior animals is of use on three accounts
1. For the offender's own sake 1. On their own account: to prevent their giving
way to habits of cruelty or insensibility, which if where
indulged ma are apt to lead men into the worst
of crimes. He who has no feeling for brutes, will have
but little for his fellow creatures.

In this point of view, an act of direct legislation against
cruelty to animals is an act of indirect legislation
against Personal Injuries, Murder and Incendiarism;
and in short against all crimes of which have malice for their

One of the best moral lessons that ever were composed
is are Hogarth's prints entitled The Progress of
Cruelty. In default of Laws, it was the object of
that admirable artist to punish these abuses by
the censure of the world.

2. For the Sake of other men. 2. In some cases on account of others and even of a neighbourhood: a
considerable mischief is sometimes done by cats and
other domestic animals driven to madness when plagued worried by the cruelty
of children; and and sometimes a more extensive mischief but more particularly in large towns

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