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Cruelty to Animals

mischief by the inhuman horned cattle driven to
madness by the inhumanity cruelty of their drivers.

3. For the sake of the animals themselves 3. On account of the animals themselves. To a benevolent mind misery, let it be found where it will can
never be an object of indifference. What reason can
man give why he should be permitted to hurt other
animals except that it is out of their power to prevent
it. If there be any arguments by which man
can be justified in being insensible to the sufferings
of other animals by the same reasons may sovereigns
be justified in being insensible to the sufferings of their
subjects. Every man by a law of principle in his nature which
it would be equally impracticable and useless to
surmount is irresistibly obliged to provide
in the first place not for his own well being
in the first place: and that in preference not
only to the well-being not only of all other animals
but of all other men: but when that is
provided for, let any one say that can, why
other animals in proportion to their susceptibility
of pain and pleasure should have less claim to his
attention than other men. What makes the condition
of any creature an object of concern to a benevolent mind
is the circumstance of sensibility: and not the circumstance
of having a black skin instead of a white one, or four legs Between instead of two Between

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