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1829 June 6 +


(1) II Elucidations
§.6. Danish Reconciliation
Invitation to Denmark

22 or 1
In Denmark a compleat
substitution of domestic
to technical forms would
have required a greater
insight into the field
of law than then
possessed by any man

A compleat An all-comprehensive substitution of the
domestic to the technical form of procedure would have required a
more comprehension and clearer insight into the contents stock of
that portion of the field of law than at that time was possessed
by any man any where. It Without a mastery of the subject
more compleat stronger than at that time was possessed by any man
it could not have been so much as have been devised. But had it even been
devised to devise the operation of devising a plan and to give that of giving in of black and white expression to it in a shape
ready to be put to use are far from being one and the same. But
suppose existence and expression given to it, through whose
mentality and could authority be have been given to it? To Necessary to the production of this
effect the was the concurrence of two distinguishable persons: namely
the Sovereign, and the functionary whose situation was at the
head of the department of legislation. Here then were two difficulties
to overcome. 1 In the situation On the instruments of the Sovereign the difficulty
of his obtaining the requisite conception of the nature, importance
and beneficial quality of the mighty so mighty a change: [+] [+] together with an adequate
persuasion of it not being
injurious to his own
personal interests
2. in the situation
of the subordinate functionary — say the Justice Minister
those same requisites in conjunction with the strength of mind
sufficient to enable him to encounter the enmity and bear
up the opposition of al the whole tribe of those by personal interests
would be or by them would be apprehended to be detrimented
by the change: that is to say the which tribe of fee-fed
Judges of whose sinister interests the repugnancy of whose
interests to any such change the inventor of this beneficial
system be shewn and even declared himself fully aware.

But now that expression
is given to the whole
system why should not
the country which has
tried the partial experiment
execute the
whole work

This system in all in all its amplitude its all comprehensive form being new devised
and comprehensive expression given to it, who can say
but that how soon, sooner or later the soil which produced the change
upon the comparatively small and as it may be stiled the experimental
scale may crown the beneficial enterprise by giving
authority and establishment to that same system in all its magnitude

To change the image — Denmark having at so early a period already
produced the model
of this Temple of Justice
to what country with
better ground of hope
can the eye of philanthrope
look for the erection of the
structure at large?


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