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OBSTACLES Prejugés Divines

Accordingly, never shall you find one who exhibits
any by surplus signs are visible of his knowing what it is to
be possessed with the passion for the public good;
that bright Sun in
the moral world, by
which all the other
virtues are but as Stars

A Berkeley appears but once in a Century; & when
he does appear, it is only to prove, that if a man
comes into it with those generous dispositions, it is
the profession possible that by his contrivance in it they may
not be quite extinct extinguished; & when he does appear,
the prejudices of that profession will twist the efforts of those
dispositions into such an eccentric & visionary
line, as will cause them to in which they must graduate without
effect: even when it he does appear; it is to show exhibit
to the world how he partook of a precious find
when rendered abortive by the upstairs falling onto his corrupted soul.

Would he suffer his grievance to take wing? he
strikes against this or that Punctilio, against
this or that prejudice, which the rules
to which he has surrendered himself have taught
men to conceive concerning the decorum of his
function. A thousand hands fasten at once

---page break---
upon his robe &pull him back. He has
[solemnly] yielded himself his reason up a slave. & shall
he dare afterwards, to assert his freedom? Shortly
has he foresworn the allegiance of Reason, &
shall he darest return to range himself under her
He has plighted his
faith to Authority.

or fostering an abortive affection
which play glamorous about this

Zealous, when the Bell gives warning, as for as
at stated period, forsaying heartily out of a book for their sakes,
& believing steadily out of ten thousand, for his

secondly active, that all may
be harsh, & that the
Peace of Church & State
by stifling projects
of improvement without

active, to nurse a
backward Family
under the short sunshine
of a Court.
Add to the description
hearsay, discretion, temperance, sobriety, chastity, temperance, & all the arsenal of
selfish virtues: virtues which not by accident, but for a certainty, are their own reward;

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