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Box 97 consists of material written throughout Bentham's life, including writings on legislation, the penal code, as well as outlines of man of his projects. These manuscripts are largely fragments, so volunteers looking for a shorter manuscript to transcribe may find this box useful.

Folios 222 to 224 are in Italian.

The material includes:

  • Folios 1-54: Legislation - raw materials - obstacles (largely fragments, c. 1773)
  • Folios 55-116: Legislation - raw materials - obstacles (fragments, c. 1773)
  • Folios 117-184: Collectanea Juridica, dealing with particular codes (190, 1803, 1804, 1809, 1811, 1830). Folio 183 includes a printed copy of House of Commons Papers 257 (1809) Papers Relating to the Administration of Justice in Scotland, which has been locked.
  • Folios 185-224: contain outlines of miscellaneous projects
    • 185: Offences, table of definitions (c. 1775, 1784)
    • 186-188: New South Wales (1802)
    • 189: Mill's Article on International Law in the Supplement to the Encyclopaedia Britannica (1822)
    • 190: Preface to Constitutional Code (1824)
    • 191-199: Procedural Code, titles of books and chapters (1827)
    • 200-202: Evidence - titles of books and chapters (1827)
    • 203-206: Constitutional Code - titles of chapters and sections (1827)
    • 207-210: Law Amendment - propositions (1827-1828)
    • 211: Penal and civil codes - axioms of mental pathology (1828)
    • 212: Bonaparte's Civil Code - table of books and titles (1828)
    • 213-214: Blackstone or Civil Code (1828)
    • 215: Peel's Police Bill (1829)
    • 216: Roper on Legacies (1831)
    • 217: Punishment (not dated)
    • 218: Tables du code d'instruction criminelle (not dated)
    • 219: Table du code d;instructions civile (not dated)
    • 220: Carmer's Prussian Code - table of contents (not dated)
    • 222-224: Codice civile universale austriaco, table of contents (in Italian, 1830 and 1832).

Folios from Box 97 which have already been partially or fully transcribed are listed under the progress bar below.

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