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1 June 1804

Feudum novum ... made descendible
to collaterals as if
it was feudum antiquum.
II 230

Halfblood excluded from
succesion on account of the
improbability of their descent
from the purchaser. II 231

The obtaining an estate by
gift, by descent in tail, or
by will = purchasing. II 241

If a man, seised in fee,
divine his whole estate to
his heir at law, ... he
shall be adjudged to take
by descent. II 241.

If a remainder be limited
to the heirs of Sempronius,
... & he dies during the
continuance of the particular
estate, his heirs shall
take as purchasers. II 242

If an estate be made to
A. for life, remainder
to his heirs in fee, his
heirs shall take by descent.
II 242

He that is attainted suffers
an extinction of his blood
II 246.

Alions Aliens are not
allowed to have any inheritable
blood in them
II 249

The only ... foundation upon
which newly purchased
land can ... descend to a
brother, is the supposition
& fiction of law that it
descended from some of
his ancestors. II 250

By attaineder ... the blood
of the person attainted
is so corrupted, as to be
rendered no longer inheritable.
II 251

The blood [of one attainted]
being utterly corrupted &
extinguished, it follows ..
that he should be incapable
of inheriting any
thing for the future
II 253

If a father be seised in
fee, & the son is attainted,
... & then the father dies
the land shall escheat to the
lord, because the Son, by the
corruption of his blood, is incapable
to be heir, & there can
be no other heir during

---page break---

his life: but nothing shall
be forfeited to the king, for
the son never has any interest
in the lands to forfeit.
II 253

A person attainted shall ...
obstruct the descent of land
... to his posterity ... The
channel which conveyed
the hereditary blood from
his ancestors to him, is ...
totally dammed up, and
rendered impervious for the
future. II 254

By the law of England,
a man's blood is so universally
corrupted by attainder
that his sons can neither
inherit from him, nor to any
other ancestors. II 254 255

By pardon [a] father is
made a new man, & may
convey new inheritable blood
to his after-born children
II 254

By the law of nature ... [all
things] were common to all
mankind. II 258

Bishop refusing or neglecting
to examine and admit their patron's
clerk ... is a disturber
II 278

A father's ... purchasing a
presentation ... for his son
... is not simony. II 280.

Bonds to resign [a living]
at the patron's request
are ... legal: for they
may possibly be given for
legal consideration. II 280.

Forfeiture may be incurred
from for the non-performance
of a condition implied
by law from a principle
of natural reason.
II 281

The conversion of land
from one species to another
is waste. II 282.

– or of one species of edifice
into another – II 282

Penalty for waste – forfeiture
of the thing wasted
II 283

---page break---

Contingencies ... cannot
... be assigned to a stranger
unless coupled with
some present interest.
II 290

The admission of property
– then giving a separate
right by the law of society
to those things which by
the law of nature were
in common. II 293

A deed not valid if not
written on paper or
parchment II 297

A deed is good, ... if it
hath an impossible date
II 304.

Signing "includes" sealing.
II 306

Delivery necessary to a
good deed. II 307

A feoffee would only have
an estate at will without
corporal possession if it
were given to him. II 311

Non jus, sed seisina, facit
II 312

Corporal tradition of lands
being inconvenient
a symbol is allowed to be substituted. II 312

The conveyance of copyhold
estates is made ... by delivery
of a rod or virge. II 313

Livery in deed by giving
putting a turf or latch of
the door into the hands
of the lessor &c. II 315

Livery in law good only
if the feoffee inters during the life of the
feoffor. II 316

Livery of seisin is indeed
incident and necessary to one species of leases,
viz. leases for life of corporeal
but to no other. II 318

In exchange ... entry must
be made on both sides; for,
if either party die before
entry, the exchange is void
for want of sufficient notoriety.
II 323

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