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Note ( ) to p. Sydney New South Wales 20th May 1799
The fatigue to which the Governor of this territory must
submitt, both mental and corporeal, is far beyond any idea
you can have of the nature of his duty rendering such fatigue
necessary in the Commander in Chief.

My former knowledge and acquaintance with this Country
encouraged me in a hope, which however has in some respects
proved delusive: that I should with ease to myself and with
proper effect and advantage to the public, have been able to
manage all the duties of my office - But I had not been long
entered upon it, before I was awakened from that dream of
comfort and satisfaction, the prospect of which I had so vainly
indulged! The seeds of the vexations which had so disappointed
me, had been sown for a very considerable time; and, being of
rather a prolific nature amongst such people, had gained so
much strength. that it will require immense labour to grab them
up by the root. I have persisted in my attempt to that end, and
mean not to change my system; which, be assured, from being calculated
to lay restraints upon every species of vice and immorality,
cannot, amongst such character be a very popular one; that however
will be a matter of no immediate concern to me; if I succeed only
in a small degree, to check the growing profligacy and abandoned
turn of the lower classes of the people.

This is a good Country, and will do well: but its progress
in improvement would be considerable hastened, could Government
be prevailed upon not to overstock us with the worst description
of characters: for, whilst the mass of the people continue to be of
that class, our difficulties will ever be very considerable: the
industrious and well disposed become a continual prey to the
idle and worthless.

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