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Prussian Code -- Table of Contents

Vol I Part III.

Part III. Of the rights
and duties of the
State towards its
burgesses and inhabitants

Title I. Of the
rights and duties
of the state in
general. p. 5-7

Title II. Of the
revenues and fiscal
rights of the
state. p. 8-18

Title III. Of the
rights and regalia
of the state with
respect to highways,
rivers, sea
ports and the seacoast.
p 18-30
Sect. 1. Of highways §. 1-10
Sect. 2. Of rivers, seaports
and the sea coast § 11-24
Sect. 3. Of custom dues §. 25
Sect. 4. Of port duties §. 86-96
Sect. 5. Of mill-dues. §. 97-111.

Title IV Of the
right of the state
to unowned property
goods and
things p. 36-59
Sect. 1 Of the right of the
state to unowned territory
§. 8-12.
Sect. 2 Of the right of the
state to estates without
heirs § 13-15
Sect. 3 Of the royal right
of chase §. 26-57
Sect. 4 Of the royal right
to mines. §. 58-146.

---page break---

Title V. Of the rights
and duties of the
state in regard to
their feudal dependants
p. 59-77
Sect. 1. Of their jurisdiction
§. 3-77
Sect. 2. Of emigration
and departing-dues § 78-114

Title VI Of the rights
and duties of the
state with respect
to guardianship
and tutelage p. 77-198
Sect. 1. Of the persons for
whom guardians and tutors
must be named §. 6-53
Sect. 2. Of the persons
whom the nomination of
a guardians concerns and
obliges. §. 54-86.
Sect. 3. Of the persons
who can or must assume
the office of guardian §. 85-
Sect. 4. Of the bonds and
confirmation of guardians
§. 165-172.
Sect. 5. Of the rights and
duties of guardians with
respect to the state and
their pupils §. 172-236
Sect. 6. Of the care of the
maintenance and education
of the pupils. §. 237-273
Sect. 7. Of the care of pupils'
property §. 272-292
Sect. 8. Of the dissolution
of guardianships §. 293-
Sect. 9. Of the rights and
duties of tutors § 675-716


---page break---

Title VII Of the
rights and duties
of the state in regard
to pauper
establishments and
other charitable
institutions p. 198-207

Title VIII Of the
rights and duties
of the state for the
prevention and
punishment of
crimes p. 208-235
Sect. 1. Of crimes and
punishments in general
§. 19-82
Sect. 2. Of state crimes
in general and particularly
high treason. § 83-
Sect. 3. Of the crime of
treason §. 141-145
Sect. 4. Of crimes by
which the interior safety
tranquillity or order
of the state is disturbed
§. 146-192
Sect. 5. Of offence to
Religious communities
§. 192-206
Sect. 6. Of the usurpation
and abuse of the above
rights of the state §207-293
Sect. 7. Of the crimes
of officers of the state
§. 294-413
Sect. 8. Of private
crimes in general §. 414-428
Sect. 9. Of offences against
honour §429-4577
Sect. 10. Of corporal
injuries. §. 578-798
Sect. 11. Of carnal
crimes. §. 799-864

---page break---

Title VIII continued
Sect. 12. Of offences against
liberty. §. 865-886
Sect. 13. Of offences against
property in general and
of theft in particular §.
Sect. 14. Of offences
against property by
culpable self-interest
and fraud. §. 1007-1193
Sect. 15. Of offences
against property by
vengeance or mailce
§. 1194-1200
Sect. 16 Of offences
attended with general
danger. §. 1201-1262.

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