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Of Justifications, Excuses and Aggravations

introduces one mischief it is the necessary means
of preventing an equal or a greater. mischief.

Justification I. Consent — Case 1. Simple consent Where it shews that the act imports no mischief from the at all. Grounds of justification are either 1. where the act imports no mischief at all — or Consent simple or unconditional.
From p. 7. 1. With regard to the cases in which the act
though mischievous in it's general nature turns out upon the
intervention of a particular circumstance not
to be mischievous so much to as to the party on whom it is exercised. There are some acts the effects
of which are disagreable or not to the person
who is the object of them according to the
particular taste and affections of that person:
there are others which are sure to be disag
a pat on the back cheek from your friend in
the way of merriment just sport may produce in you no
other sensation than the agreable ones of festivity merriment
and benevolence: the very same application
made by an enemy might be an intolerable
insult a portion kiss from a particular person of
the same opposite sex might prove a most enchanting
favour: a kiss from a person of the same sex
or even from a particular another person of the opposite sex
might afford very intense disgust. The

In order then to provide for these variations what

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