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Box 98 contains manuscripts relating to Bentham's proposed penal code, civil code, and his work on legislation. It dates from the early 1770s to around 1790, and some of it is written in French.

The material is divided as follows:

  • Folios 1 to 3: Penal code, method of treating types of offence: duels and theft [c.1774-1790]
  • Folios 4 to 14: Penal Code - of circumstances influencing the demand for punishment [c.1776]
  • Folios 15 to 52: Penal Code - of accessory offences, co-offenders, and compensation [c.1776]
  • Folios 53 to 117: Penal Code - religious sanction, délits religieux [c.1775-1785; folios 67 to 117 are in French]
  • Folios 118 to 121: Civil Code: property, definitions thereof [c.1776]
  • Folio 122: Legislation - introduction, principles, asceticism [c.1776]
  • Folios 123 to 132: Legislation - traités [c. 1790-1803; in French. Some Dumont material]
  • Folios 133 to 169: Legislation - satisfaction vicaire [c.1785; in French]
  • Folios 170 to 198: Legislation - Projet forme [c.1785; in French]
  • Folios 199 to 212: Legislation - Projet forme, amélioration, interprétation, vindication [c.1790; in French]

Folios from box 98 which have already been partially or fully transcribed are listed under the progress bar below.

Box 98 Progress: Transcription begun

Untranscribed: 270
In Progress: 10
Ready For Review: 1
Completed: 218
Total: 499

0Completed: 218(43.69%)499

JB/098/001/001 JB/098/001/002 JB/098/001/003 JB/098/002/001‎ JB/098/002/002‎ JB/098/003/001‎ JB/098/004/001‎ JB/098/004/002‎ JB/098/004/003‎ JB/098/004/004‎ JB/098/005/001‎ JB/098/005/002‎ JB/098/005/003‎ JB/098/005/004‎ JB/098/006/001‎ JB/098/006/002‎ JB/098/006/003‎ JB/098/006/004‎ JB/098/007/001‎ JB/098/007/002‎ JB/098/007/003‎ JB/098/007/004‎ JB/098/008/001‎ JB/098/008/002‎ JB/098/008/003‎ JB/098/008/004‎ JB/098/009/001‎ JB/098/009/002‎ JB/098/009/003‎ JB/098/010/001‎ JB/098/010/002‎ JB/098/010/003‎ JB/098/010/004‎ JB/098/011/001‎ JB/098/011/002‎ JB/098/012/001‎ JB/098/012/002‎ JB/098/013/001‎ JB/098/013/002 JB/098/013/003 JB/098/013/004 JB/098/014/001 JB/098/014/002‎ JB/098/014/003‎ JB/098/014/004‎ JB/098/015/001‎ JB/098/015/002‎ JB/098/015/003 JB/098/015/004 JB/098/016/001‎ JB/098/016/002‎ JB/098/016/003‎ JB/098/016/004‎ JB/098/017/001‎ JB/098/017/002‎ JB/098/017/003‎ JB/098/017/004‎ JB/098/018/001‎ JB/098/018/002‎ JB/098/018/003‎ JB/098/018/004‎ JB/098/020/001‎ JB/098/021/001‎ JB/098/021/002‎ JB/098/021/003‎ JB/098/021/004 JB/098/022/001‎ JB/098/022/002‎ JB/098/022/003‎ JB/098/022/004‎ JB/098/023/001‎ JB/098/023/002‎ JB/098/023/003‎ JB/098/023/004‎ JB/098/024/001‎ JB/098/024/002‎ JB/098/025/001‎ JB/098/025/002‎ JB/098/025/003‎ JB/098/025/004‎ JB/098/026/001‎ JB/098/026/002‎ JB/098/026/003‎ JB/098/026/004‎ JB/098/027/001‎ JB/098/027/002‎ JB/098/027/003‎ JB/098/027/004‎ JB/098/028/001‎ JB/098/028/002‎ JB/098/028/003‎ JB/098/028/004‎ JB/098/029/001‎ JB/098/029/002‎ JB/098/029/003‎ JB/098/029/004‎ JB/098/029/005‎ JB/098/030/001‎ JB/098/030/002‎ JB/098/030/003‎ JB/098/030/004‎ JB/098/031/001‎ JB/098/031/002‎ JB/098/031/003‎ JB/098/031/004‎ JB/098/032/001‎ JB/098/032/002‎ JB/098/032/003‎ JB/098/032/004‎ JB/098/033/001JB/098/033/002‎ JB/098/033/003‎ JB/098/033/004‎ JB/098/034/001‎ JB/098/034/002‎ JB/098/034/003‎ JB/098/034/004‎ JB/098/035/001‎ JB/098/035/002‎ JB/098/035/003‎ JB/098/035/004‎ JB/098/036/001‎ JB/098/036/002‎ JB/098/036/003‎ JB/098/036/004‎ JB/098/037/001 JB/098/037/002 JB/098/037/003 JB/098/037/004‎ JB/098/038/001‎ JB/098/038/002‎ JB/098/038/003‎ JB/098/038/004‎ JB/098/039/001‎ JB/098/039/002‎ JB/098/039/003‎ JB/098/039/004‎ JB/098/040/001‎ JB/098/040/002‎ JB/098/040/003‎ JB/098/040/004‎ JB/098/041/001‎ JB/098/041/002‎ JB/098/041/003‎ JB/098/041/004‎ JB/098/042/001‎ JB/098/042/002‎ JB/098/042/003‎ JB/098/042/004‎ JB/098/043/001‎ JB/098/043/002‎ JB/098/043/003‎ JB/098/043/004‎ JB/098/044/001‎ JB/098/044/002‎ JB/098/044/003‎ JB/098/044/004‎ JB/098/045/001‎ JB/098/045/002‎ JB/098/045/003‎ JB/098/045/004‎ JB/098/046/001‎ JB/098/046/002‎ JB/098/046/003‎ JB/098/046/004‎ JB/098/047/001‎ JB/098/047/002‎ JB/098/047/003‎ JB/098/047/004‎ JB/098/048/001‎ JB/098/048/002‎ JB/098/048/003‎ JB/098/048/004‎ JB/098/049/001‎ JB/098/049/002‎ JB/098/049/003‎ JB/098/049/004‎ JB/098/050/001‎ JB/098/050/002‎ JB/098/050/003‎ JB/098/050/004‎ JB/098/051/001‎ JB/098/051/002‎ JB/098/052/001‎ JB/098/052/002‎ JB/098/053/001‎ JB/098/053/002‎ JB/098/054/001‎ JB/098/054/002 JB/098/055/001‎ JB/098/055/002‎ JB/098/055/003‎ JB/098/056/002‎ JB/098/056/003‎ JB/098/057/001‎ JB/098/057/002‎ JB/098/058/001‎ JB/098/058/002‎ JB/098/058/003‎ JB/098/059/001‎ JB/098/059/002‎ JB/098/060/001‎ JB/098/060/002‎ JB/098/061/001‎ JB/098/061/002‎ JB/098/061/003‎ JB/098/062/001 JB/098/062/002‎ JB/098/062/003‎ JB/098/063/001‎ JB/098/063/002‎ JB/098/063/003‎ JB/098/067/001‎ JB/098/075/001‎ JB/098/076/002JB/098/098/003‎ JB/098/109/002‎ JB/098/120/001‎ JB/098/127/001‎ JB/098/164/003‎ JB/098/180/002‎ JB/098/199/001‎ JB/098/202/001‎

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