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Of Justification, Excuses and Aggravations

is thus that a man youth will sometimes submit to the pain of being
beaten himself for the pleasure of beating his displaying beating
his antagonist: for the pleasure of displaying his superiority
over his a rival, or gratifying his resentment
against an adversary. It is thus again in short that a
man will submit to the inconvenience of admitting
another into his house for the sake of
the money that the gets by it. which the other gives him. To p. 6. par. 2. This then is another
and the only other way in which consent
may become a proper ground of justification.
In this case the consent may be stiled conditional consent, or consent
in consideration.
In both these cases the consent provided it be free and fairly obtained conditions which there will be occasion to explain hereafter it proves shews by a kind of proof
which in ordinary cases is the most satisfactory
there can be given that either there was no mischief
in the act or if there were mischief, yet none but
what was compensated by a greater good to the
person party whose interests are in view. To p. 8. at top

Other justifications arise from the exercise of powers. But the cases in which evil is the necessary
means of good are not yet exhausted: for to speak
the truth the chief business of government as well
as one great business of private life is but the choice
of evils. Evil itself is good in comparison of greater evil.

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