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C 15

Of Justifications, Excuses and Aggravations

Of public powers two branches are the judicial and the military
As to Public Powers, the possible modifications of these
are as yet too indeterminately made out and too imperfectly
described enumerated distinguished to admit of any being distributed according to any exhaustive method plan of arrangement.
Those which are best most known at once the
most spoken of and the best distinguished are the
judicial and the military.

Judicial power a 6th ground of justification
As to the judicial, the evils which it is
the principal object of these powers to exclude
or remedy are those which are apt to result from attacks
made upon persons by other persons those who are members of the same political
state. Judicial power including with the unappropriated powers subservient to it may constitute apart a
6th head ground of justification.

Military power a 7th ground of Justification
As to the military powers, the evils which
it is the principal object of this branch of power to exclude provide
against are those to which persons are exposed
from those others who are members of other foreign states. This
branch with the unappropriated powers subservient to
it may constitute apart a 7th ground of justification

Sovereign power — an 8th ground of justification
What other powers of a public nature
are not included under one or other of the above
two heads may be considerd referred to as included under
the general head of sovereign power, of which
those and all other public powers are but branches.

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