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C 7

Of Accessory Offences

subsequent to the obnoxious event, serving only as evidences of it's having
happen'd. Punishments for offences of the same train shall not
be accumulated.(a) + NOTE (a) If it were otherwise, the punishment for bare preparation even without attempt might exceed the punishment for the perpetration. + See Qu. IV. infra


Instructions to the Legislator

Cases in which the punishment for preparation may go beyond that for perpetration.
What is above provided said in limitation of the punishment applies
only to the case of where it is but one individual offence all
offence, one individual act that is all along in view: for instance the beating hurting
or killing of one man, the robbing him of one and the
same purse of money, and so forth. The case is otherwise
where the act of preparation is subservient to
a habit; that is to an indefinite assemblage of contingent
offences to be attempted as opportunity may offer for
in This is the case for instance in for example in
most instances where the preparation consists in the procuring
of a set of implements particularly adapted to the perpetration
of some offence which is in view. See
Titt. [Theft] False standards [Defraudment by false standards]
[Forgery upon the coinage] and [Defraudment at
wagering] In these cases it is not necessary that the
punishment should be confined within those limits that
mark out the quantity competent to a single act.
But to determine the quantity of and quality of the
punishment in such a case is a business of too great
nicety to be abandoned altogether to the fluctuating discretion

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