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8 C

Of Accessory Offences

-cretion of the Judge. It is a matter which can never
no otherwise be competently provided for than by the
comprehensive discernment and unlimited authority of
the legislator. 22 To him therefore it belongs to search
out and make due provision for all the possible cases of
inchoate delinquency. and in this view to take a Now it is To par No 3 of this

minute and exhaustive survey of the whole field circle of
of offences criminal Jurisprudence. The business of the function legislator in this instance

2 From No 3 of this
to that of the legislator, like an experienced commander, general, as is to he takes a general comprehensive
and at the same time a minute survey of the whole ground which lies between the
the malefactor in his progress from the first formation of a criminal plan of evils design to and the
accomplishment of it may have to travel over: traverse: in creases of the
ground and plants raises up difficulties against in the way of the enemy
at every step. Thus instructed at every fresh considerable turning of the road he opens takes
a fresh post afresh, opens a new battery, and from a thousand posts one after chain of diversified but
another offender connected attachments works, brings the of the law [+]
[+] to bear at upon the truth in every direction, and throws fresh danger in the way of every step. (a) of those who think speak to chide NOTE (a) Go p. 13. No 2
Upon the delinquent as he advances to undermine it.

3 From par. No 1 of this
It is evident that the danger of the delinquent will encrease
and the chances of detection & conviction multiply in proportion to the number of off those acts that can be
distinguished from one another, and comprised under
separate descriptions for the purpose of being marked
out for punishment. If punishment does not meet
him at the first step it may at the second: if not at
a second, it may at a third. It is in this view then that a provident To No 2 of this

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