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12 C

Of Accessory Offences


Question III

Why an act of preparation is not put upon
quite so high a footing in point of punishment
as an attempt?


1. Because while the offence rests as yet only in preparation
and has not as yet run the length of an
attempt, there is always something of a a certain chance that
it may not never run that length at all. Now
this chance is the greater, the more remote the
preparation. Hence the reason for giving so much
latitude to the punishment.
Difference in point of popular indignation
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Instructions to the Legislator

2 From p. 10 at bottom
This definition should be applied to the particular offences
As the description of an attempts will vary not
only according to the offence but according to the
means whereby it is perpetrated, it might not be superfluous
for the legislator to in the expository part
belonging to this title of to his code to travel over the whole circle field of
offences delinquency in this view, and adapt the general definition
to the particular circumstances of each separate
offence. In such case it might be necessary to describe under the head of each species of offence the event which is to be looked upon as the obnoxious event.
To p. 14. No 2


3 From p. 13 No 6 No 2.
How to raise the atttempt to a level in point of punishmt: with the perpetration in offences against property.
If any it should be thought that upon this
plan any species of attempt, that the offence of robbery for instance is too lightly
dealt with, the punishment of the attempt might be raised to
a profit level with that of the consummated offence, by a general provision

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