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Of Co-Offenders

Principal offender, who
The principal offender is [he in whose breast the
intention of committing the principal offence first
originated: and] that one of the persons who have
taken an active part in the production of the
principal offence, [to whom the natural profit of
it promised to accrue, and] on whom the prospect of the natural
profit of it operated as a motive, efficaciously disposing
him to do what he did in the intention
of producing that event. See. p. 2

Instructions to the Legislator. Analytical view.

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The part which a co-offender takes in relation to an the obnoxious event offence is either prior to the event contemporary with or subsequent
The several possible ways in which a person
may be concerned as an offender in relation
to any event which is the result of an offence the arrival of any obnoxious event + + See Tit [Of Accessory Offences]
may be thus analysed. In the first place the
period of time in which he is so concerned is either prior to such
event obnoxious event, contemporary with it or subsequent.

2 Offenders contributory and by connivance When prior it is either positive or negative
When contempor prior,
the part which a man takes in relation to any such the event must either be either a positive part or a
negative. It is positive when he does any thing
which has a tendency to contribute to the arrival of
the event: In this case he may be stiled an active positive or contributory offender. negative when he omitts doing any thing
which has a tendency to prevent it. In this case he
may be stiled a passive negative offender or offender offender by connivance To p. 11 at top

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