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Of Co-offenders

From p. 38 No 1


1 When through another The Contributory to it must directly be an offence as by supplying either the event offences the motives or the means the practicability of 2. the or 3. the means. furnishing either knowledge, inclination or power
The several possible ways in which a man may be contributory
to the production of an any such obnoxious such an event which
through or by means of some other person, where another is the perpetrator may be thus conceived.
is the result of an offence To the production of such an event (as of any other event, three which is the
result of design, three things are, on the part of the agent, necessary: 1. the
knowledge or understanding; 2dly by the inclination or will: 3dly the power
or ability. When If a given act then obnoxious event then is conceived to be produced
by a given co-offender, if any other co-offender contributes
to the production of the same event, it
must be by supplying furnishing either knowledge, inclination
or ability.


The knowledge must respect either 1. the practicability. 2. the motives: or 3. the means
The knowledge in question respects the circum- either 1. the
fact of the possibility of bringing about the event: or 2. the circumstances
which may either sway move the inclination of
another any person to contribute to it; or 3. circumstances which may
afford the means power contribute to afford the power.

From p. 8. at bottom Circumstances that contribute to it move the
inclination belong to the class of are stiled motives: + + See Introd. Ch. [Of Motives] circumstances
which contribute to afford the power, are stiled means.
To one or other of these circumstances must the knowledge in
question relates in order to be material See Introd. Ch. [Of human actions] must relate.

If then one person is contributing to the production of an obnoxious event in the production of an
obnoxious event by furnishing knowledge is assistant to another it must
be by suggesting either the practicability of the offence, the motives or the means. To p. 11. No 2

2 He who suggests motives to an offence is either an instructor or a suborner
To the production of the motives or the means thus suggested the
offender who suggests them either is contributory or
he is not. If he is not he may be said to be contributory
in the way of simple suggestion or instruction: and
he may be stiled an instructor: if he is, he may
be said to be contributory in the way of subornation: and

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