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8 C Of Co-offenders

1 Profit of an offence may be natural or artificial
The profit of an offence is either natural or
artificial. By the natural profit is to be understood
that which accrues of course upon the arrival of the
obnoxious event. By the artificial is to be understood
any sort of profit which any person who shares has a share in
the natural profit may allow to co-offenders in for
the view sake of procuring their assistance.

It is evident that the natural profit must
vary with the nature of the offence: but artificial profit may be the same in one case as in another: for
in all each case it may be any sort of profit whatsoever.


From p. 17 at bottom. To consider the matter antecedently to local usage, the
2 A principal offender No one person has who. any natural claim to this appelation in exclusion of all others.
epithet The principal has nothing in the nature
of it which determines it explicitly to [belong to] one
offence or offender in preference to another. The application of it is
governed rather by the imagination than by any settled
rules. It is applied to that one whose delinquency happens
to strike upon the mind of an observer with the
greater force.
To p. 39. at top

From p. 2, No 1
3 He who To suggest the possibility To propose an offence, what.
To suggest the possibility of bringing about the
event in the intention of causing the any person to whom
the suggestion is made to use his endeavours to contribute
to it is to propose it: and such suggestion
a proposal.
From p. 2. No 2

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