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C 9

Of Co-offenders

In Simple corporal personal injuries, <add>except when and not attended</add> there is no person
by any circums certain particular aggravations, there is no person
in particular to whom the character of the principal
among those whose motive is the natural profit of the offence
offender belongs in virtue of his situation more particularly
than to another. In Simple corporal personal injuries
accompanied by any of those aggravations which
are derived from the relation of the offender to the
party injured, he or they who who such as stand in that
relation may be deemed the principal offenders.
The case is the same This accordingly is the case, 1. in
all personal injuries when aggravated by the circumstances
of superiority in point of domestic relationship
on the part of the offender: 2. in one species of irreparable
corporal injuries to wit castration or infecundation
when aggravated by kinship. 3. in Homocided
when aggravated by that same circumstance
and or by that other circumstance which constitutes the
crime a parricide.

In Theft, Embezzlement, ordinary Defraudment
In all offences against property except Destruction, and as also in Robbery the person to
whose use the article in question was to be obtained.
So also In Destruction when aggravated by in the case
where an indirect lucre is the object the party to whom that lucre was to all intents In Colum
In Defamation the first broacher or propagator of the
defamatory report.

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