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C 17

Of Co-offenders

guarding screening him in the first instance from detection, and
finally from punishment. In this stage the offence in
question co-incides with cri offences against Justice:
and may be committed in a variety of ways, such
as by harbouring the offender, maintaining him, concealing
him,[+] [+] furnishing him with assistance or information to enable him to elude detection or pursuit. defending him against the officers of Justice
rescuing him if already seized by them. already To p. 25. No 4


From p. 30 No 1
2 Reason for examining which the principal offender, if any ought to and who accomplices be stiled the principal, and which accomplices
Thus much for the description of the several
sorts of offences that <add>are are</add> irregular the acts of different</del>
persons and may stand connected with the same
obnoxious act. It remains to be examined whether
any and what difference ought to be made in their
respective punishments.


It is common in most systems
of Jurisprudence to speak of some one offender
under the name of accessories or accomplices. Correspondent
also to this difference in point of name is
also commonly frequently no attended by a correspondent difference in
point of treatment; he who is stiled the principal being
commonly frequently treated with more severity than the
rest: not to mention a number of differences in the method of Procedure. In order to judge of the propriety of these distinctions settle the above question it will be
necessary therefore to settle in the first place what person what the offender is who is commonly
termed the principal, is, that is what relation his
act bears to the rest of the acts attendant on the obnoxious
event. and then lastly to determine whether there be
any and what reason for distinguishing in point of punishment from the rest the offender
so designed. To p. 8. No 2.

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