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22 C

Of Co-offenders


1 — nor one applying to the perpetrator, to the instigator.
So on the other hand, if a man person not bear under
physical compulsion nor in a state of insanity, nor on a at such a period of infancy
as per constitutes an exemption instigate
an who another an infant, or a man who then or
afterwards is compelled to perpetrate the offence through
physical compulsion, but no the instigator shall not have
the benefit of the exemption. To p. 19. No 2


From p. 21. No 1
2 In appropriated offences, the punishment peculiarly adapted to the principal characteristic offender extends not to accomplices
In Offences which can not be perpetrated but by
a person in a certain condition or situation, the the relation or condition in life, may be
associates of such offender shall not stiled appropriated offences. In such offences the
person who is in to whom such relation or condition or situation belongs
is may be stiled the principal characteristic offender: and the all other Co-offenders his accomplices In such cases, the
accomplices shall be exempted from any punishment
which is peculiar adapted to the situation of their principal. To p. 30. No 2


From p. 30 N at bottom
Accordingly 1 In Adultery with an unmarried woman, none but
the Adulterer shall be register'd in the book of adultery,
as an Adulterer or Adulteress sentenced to wear the adulterer's coat, or subjected to
Divorce or confinement or restraint at the option of
the Adulterers or any other persons wife.
2. In Adultery with a married on the part of an unmarried woman
none but the Adulteress shall be subj register'd in the
book of Adultery, banished as an Adulterer or Adultress.
Continue the exposition through the several acts articles
in the catalogue of appropriated offences. To p. 30. 23

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